This forum is for both premium and free members.

Premium membership fees is 28 Dollars for three months, 44 Dollars for 6 months and 70 Dollars annually

We will coordinate directly with employers your profile. You will be given the first opportunity compared to the free members. Our research team will give you a priority with employers.
No, off-course not, you have to go through interviews with employers
Yes all details including email ids and other details are mentioned in the job postings. We followup with employers. But both premium and free job-seekers are expected to mail their details mentioned in the job post.
Directly from employers who post positions with us and our consultants who work countless hours researching companies that are hiring, and marketing your resume to such employers.
The fees are non refundable
Rao Associates or recruiters cannot make any hiring decisions at anytime. The responsibility of hiring belongs solely to Employers. We match, recommend and forward your credentials to employers who are listed with us in order to help get the result.

Your resume will be matched and recommended to the next position that matched your skills and education until a position is accepted by you

Yes, you can apply to as many position as you wish